premium organic matcha (ceremonial grade) in high quality can

Premium organic matcha

Ceremonial Grade

Our premium matcha tea is an all natural organic product from Nishio, Japan of ceremonial grade. Unfortunately, even though there are many suppliers on the market, you rarely see such high matcha quality as we offer. Which is why our tea farmers are very proud of it.

It is mild, sweet and very gentle in the finish with a bright emerald green color. Very harmonious in taste with a certain freshness and lightness due to the typical but very mild bitter note of the matcha.

Our unique tin allows the premium tea to be preserved for a particularly long time. That is why we are able to offer you one of the strongest and healthiest matcha teas on the market.

only 24.99€ 18.99€ 1 can 25g. incl. 7% vat. (75,96€/100g)

European organic certificate
Japanese organic certificate
100% Vegan certificate
Gluten Free
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DescriptionAfter harvesting, the tea leaves are dried slowly and naturally. They then undergo a particularly gentle grinding process on natural stone. Every harvest is tested by an analysis laboratory for harmful substances and quality defects, which is the only way to ensure that our matcha tea meets the highest quality standards. Our tins only contain leaves that have passed all quality tests and we feel they are perfect for consumption.

Nishio, with its blessed fertile soil, fresh water, perfect altitude and ideal weather, is one of the tailor-made regions for the cultivation and production of rich and aromatic Matcha tea. Therefore it is not surprising that Nishio is famous for having the best organic Matcha production. Both Organic and Conventional Matcha from Nishio has very good natural sweetness and flavor.

The combination of all these factors makes neomatcha premium organic matcha one of the best green teas in Japan. All valuable ingredients and flavors are preserved through gentle processing. Matcha tea is characterized by a slightly bitter taste. These bitter substances, such as catechin and L-theanine, are responsible for the health-promoting effect of tea. The bitter substances are produced by the traditional “darkening” of the tea bushes 4 weeks before the harvest.

For the best taste experience, please do not drink it too hot. Matcha should also be stored in a dry, airtight, cool and dark place. Matcha usually lasts up to 3 years. A 25g tin of noematcha PREMIUM Bio Matcha is usually enough for 2-3 months for one person and regular consumption. We recommend 2-3 cups of tea a day.
A graphic designer creating the next big website layout. There is a mug filled with matcha on his creative desk. He is surrounded by colleagues.
A matcha a day
keeps the deadline away


neomatcha matcha green tea can lying with precious green matcha powder falling out.


neomatcha matcha green tea can closed showing the special inner double lid, that guarantees special freshness.


neomatcha can closed standing before matcha green tea powder showing how green it is.


Dragonball San Goku gathering all the energy of the universe. Just like neomatcha.
  • Meditative focus due to Theophylline
  • 6x better & longer awake-effect than coffee
  • Increases health dramatically when consumed regularly
  • High increase in concentration
A group of young women at the end of an intensive yoga workout. Matcha tea is a good support for their training.
All natural doping

24.99€ 18.99€

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Premium organic matcha

only 24.99€ 18.99€ 1 can 25g. incl. 7% vat. (75,96€/100g)