neomatcha matcha green tea can lying with precious green matcha powder falling out.

Get things done

Who wants to work efficiently and concentrated should seriously consider starting his day with a cup of matcha instead of coffee, because to accomplish this you not only have to have the will, but also give the body certain active substances to be able to support the mind.

Studies have shown that catechin, theine and caffeine are of particular importance. And precisely this unique combination is contained in highest concentration in the form of L-theanine, theine, catechine and caffeine in neomatcha.

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neomatcha matcha green tea can closed showing the special inner double lid, that guarantees special freshness.

Have the best

With the variety of suppliers for matcha worldwide, you quickly lose the overview, but there are 3 key factors that distinguish a high-quality matcha:

The region. In our case Nishio, which is considered by experts to be the best region for matcha production. With its blessed, fertile soil, fresh water, perfect altitude, ideal weather and the extensive, well-kept knowledge of our farmers, is one of the tailor-made regions for the cultivation and production of rich and aromatic Matcha tea.

The constituents. The high concentration and special combination of certain ingredients make matcha an all-around care package for your body — a physical, a psychological and a mental source of strength for every day!

The taste and color. Mild, sweet and very gentle in the finish with a bright emerald green color. A very harmonious taste with a certain freshness and lightness due to the typical but very mild bitter note of Matcha.

Get the best
A matcha a day
keeps the deadline away


neomatcha can closed standing before matcha green tea powder showing how green it is.

Calm down

While the caffeine gently but effectively wakes you up and strengthens your concentration, it also puts you in a meditative focus. The contained theanine ensures reaction and absorption capacity, while polyphenol and tannin calm the body. The result is a perfect balance of peace and concentration — so you can master any deadline with ease!

Sleep better. No more burnouts.

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Enjoy yoursyoung, good-looking woman, sitting on a shelve and drinking matcha tea. Thinking about her next big career move.

Every coffee drinker knows it. Brain crashes, anxiety, and stress can be the result of too much coffee consumption, which is why so many people switch from coffee to matcha. Not only does the green tea powder have far less negative effects on the body, it also offers long-lasting energy! The one-of-a-kind, amino acid L-Theanine ensures a significantly slower breakdown of caffeine in the body so that the energy boost lasts longer and thus also the productivity effect.


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Wake up baby

The intense energy boost provided by a cup of neomatcha automatically wakes you up and keeps you awake 6 times longer than coffee. Concentrated, fit, lively and balanced, unlike the hyperactive coffee drinkers who get another cup.

So instead of waking you up briefly with coffee, matcha keeps you awake for hours, but neither hyperactive nor nervous.

Perfect to nail that one urgent project of yours!

Wake up
A couple bouldering outdoor in the desert with nice warm sunset. Matcha tea is a good support for their training.